Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sign Up

Some of you may not want to do this because you contest that stores track your spending patterns whi ch I'm sure is it goes...

If you look at people's keychains these days, it doesn't take long to notice all of the little cards. Usually, these cards are for places the person shops. We have for instance: Pet Smart, Kroger, American Eagle and others. The others not mentioned are not on the keychain because we shop there too infrequently. KMart has recently joined the bandwagon, CVS is there, County Market, and on and on. Well, the bonus in it for you is the deals you get for having the cards. So far, I like American Eagle and Kroger cards the best. American Eagle gives you points for the dollars you spend in their store. Every quarter, they send you a coupon to use in their store for up to 40% off. This can be used on sale items and for up to $500. worth of stuff. That said, it makes clothing really inexpensive. They also will send a coupon for Aerie for the same percentage off. Kroger's incentive is the gas discount of .10 off per gallon for every $100 you spend in groceries.

So, signing up and getting the cards are pretty simple. It is just a matter of you wanting/not wanting stores to track spending habits.

Another more recent thing is the coupon machine showing up at registers where you shop. If you use a credit/debit card at stores with the register coupon machines such as Kroger/Target, it spits out coupons after each transaction for items in categories that it has tracked your purchasing. For instance: we purchased several clearance bags of Starbucks coffee in January at Target so it has given us coffee coupons on our recent visits. Others that we get are for cleaning products and toiletries which come in quite handy. Sometimes it gets really generous and spits out 4-5 coupons per transaction.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl ad offers

So, there are two that I have seen:

register for free Dockers at Dockers dot com (they are giving away thousands of pairs of pants)

free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's from 6a-2p on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Maybe this year Denny's will be more prepared for the response of the "free breakfasts". They have extended the hours I see...hopefully they don't run out of eggs!