Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walgreens, a gift idea, & more

Sorry for my negligence in posting. We continue to stay busy!
In my last (long time ago) post, I mentioned shopping at Walgreens to earn Register Rewards. I wouldn't want to be guilty of not practicing what I preach, so I took my own advice and went.
It turns out, Wal's had some other great RR items last weekend as well. They had men's deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo as well. All of them were items that you receive the full amount back in RR's for your next purchase.
Now, if you are wondering what in the world we would do with so many deodorants/toothpaste etc...well here's the answer.
Our church has different times of the year where they collect items for various people in need. A couple of items always on that list are deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes. I'm sure many organizations collect items like these. Our girl's SS classes also collect items at varying times of the year for children, Operation Christmas Child, and missionaries.
Anyway, I used my coupons and racked up some sweet RR's and was able to enjoy the bounty of my RR's by getting items that we use all of the time for almost free.
I used RR's and got Tide, toilet paper (big pack), York peppermint patties, yard spotlight stake and a couple of other items that now escape me for $1.90!!!!
Yesterday, I went and got $40 in stuff for $5.00!
I'm hooked.
Our 7 y/o received her Clubhouse JR. mag today in the mail. Her grandma purchased her a subscription for her birthday. She absolutely loves it and just reads and reads. I think a 1 year subscription was $20 and it included two Adventures in Odyssey Cd's. It is wholesome reading with great character buildling stores, a few clean jokes, cute artwork, little recipes and more. On top of that it helps to support a great organization (Focus on the Family). This is a great gift idea for children. They have different versions of the magazine based on age.
More ...
I signed up for a Sunday only subscription to the newspaper. The only reason I did was for the mass of coupons that come in it. It was 21.06 for 13 Sundays plus I got a $5 gift card to Kroger and a scratch off coupon card thing to use at places around town. This will help save even more $$ at the grocery store and Walgreens.
Think about it...the way you manage/spend your money can determine your wealth more than your the number of dollars you make. For e.g. someone who makes $25,000. and spends it wisely could have nicer things than someone who makes $50-$75k who doesn't know how to spend/manage properly. When you spend wi$er, you have/make more!!!

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