Sunday, January 3, 2010


I haven't posted in quite awhile! Sorry!

So, I don't make New Year's Resolutions. I set maybe a few goals and some include financial. Since I started doing this a few years back, we have attained each financial goal. It feels great.
The goals have consisted of:
paying off J's school loans early (we did it over 3 years early) =)
paying off each of our cars early (mine in 1 1/2 yrs) J's in 1 =)
paying off cc debt several years back =)
and the list goes on.

This year's goals:
be even more wise about spending and save more
give more
pay down the mortgage so we can pay off early

Fortunately, since the garage sale glory days of summer, my mindset of buying has considerably changed. Don't get the idea that we do not indulge or get items we really want every now and then because we do, but I feel like for me I've come a long way. For instance, my purse buying habit has all but disappeared thanks to the super deals that I got this summer. We have purchased new clothes several times for both ourselves and the girls, but have gotten incredible deals on them and haven't had to purchase nearly as much due to the garage sale purchases.

Things I've had luck with:

Craigslist has become something I check more often. I have sold items with it and even purchased once. It works great for large items that you can't ship very easily.

Walgreens--Register Rewards and their clearance

You Tube--great for shows you normally would have to pay to watch on cable or dish...Usually, there's a fan or two of most of the shows that upload all of the episodes so people like me who haven't ever had cable or anything beyond regular channels can enjoy the shows. What's great --it's free!

Lowe's--nice clearance items (cheap too)

Finding cheap or free things to do as a family -- sledding, looking at lights (obviously seasonal), making cards (I've been pretty negligent), renting a movie, and playing with all of those fun Christmas toys =).

Oh yeah, sometimes people out there are really nice...
I returned several items with a receipt the other day (make that everything on the receipt including the free gift with purchase item since I wouldn't be meeting the minimum purchase requirements with the return). The lady was very nice and told me that she was going to give me the gift back and bagged it up for me to take with me. She informed me that I could give some of the items to my girlfriends if I wanted. How nice of her!

What to do this winter...I don't know. I'm not much of a winter person. I plan to pass some of the time by watching the Olympics. I am a fan of the Olympics. Other than that, hibernate and hope to stay warm!

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