Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tips for today

There's lots to talk about today...

Everyone should begin getting there W-2's soon so be getting your tax docs together so that you can file early. I recommend taxactonline dot com. We have used it for probably 7-8 years and it's free for federal and works great! It's very easy and I do our taxes as well as some family member's each year. Why file early-- well, only if you are getting a refund--obviously...
File early and online with electronic deposit. It takes usually 7-10 days to get it in your bank--now I call that pretty fast! Who doesn't like some extra ca$h in Jan/Feb?
Also, one can never tell if a state or the gov't will run out of money and issue IOU's. I would rather have $$ than an IOU from the gov't--how about you??
I do practice what I preach. Our taxes will be filed probably within the next week or two. I have already gone to the above mentioned site and filled in everything (you can save it). My hubby's W-2 is already in hand!!
Don't forget to gather your receipts for energy tax credits on windows, doors, insualtion and such. We had some items that qualified and 40% back--I like that!

Other things...
I HIGHLY recommend lined roman shades and/or lined curtains. They make a HUGE difference. I think I can say that now based on 2 things. We have been experiencing negative temps now and they really, really block out the natural draft around windows SO WELL!! Also, we recently got our energy bill. This one is normally our highest one of the year due to all of our Christmas lights outside. I will admit, I was sweating it. Would you believe we used MORE electricity than last year, but LESS gas therms and the bill was $75 cheaper!!!!! The other large reason for the $75 decrease would probably be our closed in porch that connects the house to the garage. It makes a HUGE difference.
So, not everyone can/will build a porch, but you can try out the lined curtains/blinds (if even only in your bedroom or a really cold room). The warmth will be worth it!! Where to get them...mine were from Target, but I assume WMT has them and most other major retailers.

Craigslist is's nice to get rid of things and get some ca$h...try it out--great for buying/selling.

Can't resist talking about my great deals for the day. I went to 2 stores today (Kroger & Sears). I spent a total of $50 and had a cart full at each place! No coupons were used at all!!!!
Kroger: they had 3 boxes of Special K cereal marked at $1.29--little did I know that they also had a promo that you get free milk/$4 off your bill when you buy 3 boxes of Special K--so yep--those were free and a little bit more.
Sears: lots of great food items on clearance for $1 or less (Ritz, Minute Maid juice bottle 6 packs, bicycle seats ($1)--super deal!!
Much more...too much to list!

Well, gotta run!!

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