Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Clean Closets?

With my spare time following Christmas, I have taken some time to clean several closets/cabinets that need my attention.

The first one was my coat closet. It is the closet that also stores wrapping paper, boxes, and bags. We save bags from certain stores. The nicer (thicker) bags serve as trash bags in our bathrooms or bags for the litter. Simply put, some cannot be saved due to holes that occur on the way home from the grocery store (usually the Kroger bags). We organized it and threw away some trash and WOW does it look nice!

Next was our bedroom...we used the space saving hangers for J's stuff and made it less crowded. We were again low on hangers....that was taken care of as well.

The hall closet was where the "reward" began to come in...I found all kinds of things in there that I forgot we had. This is our closet where we keep towels, sheets, and other products like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, light bulbs, etc... Yes, we have plenty of all of the above items! Everything looks so much better.

Upstairs in the vanity, I discovered a new bottle of lotion (yay--I was out) and so many other things that I am not remembering right now.

So, why organize and clean?? find treasures that you forgot you had that you can probably use!

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