Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grocery shopping and other stuff

So, I do not use a shopping list at the grocery store. Why? Because I'm pretty sure that I can remember milk or bread. This has been the case for quite awhile now.
What I have done is to kind of amass a supply of things that I use. Do not get visions of pantries, extra freezers, or refrigerators in the garage or even shelving. We do not have any of the things I just listed. Don't imagine floor to ceiling extras either. Everything is put in my normal kitchen cabinets with the exception of paper towels and laundry soap which go into the basement.
I do not buy at full price either.
What we do is when Kroger or Target (in our case) has a particular item on sale, I buy several. Take for instance spaghetti sauce. I know that they run a pretty good sale on it a few times a year. If I buy enough, it lasts until the next time it goes on that sale (usually $1 per jar). Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to have a coupon.
I did the same thing with my very favorite laundry soap, Tide Total Care. Target had it on clearance last year for like $6.46 per bottle AND I had coupons for $1 off. Anyone who buys Tide knows that $5.46 is a SUPER deal on Tide. It was the 40 load bottle and it had a little sample of Downy with it. I bought several bottles and still haven't run out.
I kind of have mental notes of what we are starting to run low on so that I know what to buy when the sales come around.
A typical trip at the grocery store for us runs $30-$40 and includes toiletries. This is because we have items stocked up and have gotten them at great prices all along the way.
Oh yeah, did I mention that we have a still have a supply of baby wipes from almost a year ago? They were such a great deal over 1/2 off and my favorite kind--Huggies, so we stocked up. You can always use wipes. They are great for stain removal on clothes as well.
I went and tried out the grocery game dot com and found that what I have been doing in stocking items when on sale is one of her big things that she suggests. Since I already do on my own what she suggests, grocery game didn't help me. However, it may help many others.

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