Friday, October 30, 2009

Preachin' to the choir

This post is more for me rather than at anyone else. I'm just here to remind me. Whoever reads it, well you are reading about me needing to do this.

I'm pretty sure every household in America probably has something to trim out of the budget. Let's face it, we are spoiled and so many other things. Yep, we are.
Today, the lovely bank statement came in the mail. As I was checking things off, I got this idea to add up what we spent over the last month on eating out. YIKES--you didn't think I was going to share that number did you?? Cuz, I'm not. The grocery bill is very low and the utilities are very low. We get things on sale everywhere we go, we shop at garage sales, but we CLEARLY should cut back on the eating out.
By the same token, I'm glad to have taken notice and hopefully next month will be different!! Believe me, I'm not perfect when it comes to money (far from it), but I do know that I like to save and be frugal (while still being fru-fru) LOL!
Yes, that's my challenge to me, myself, and I this month and going forward--CUT out the extravagance on that aspect. It's not what is spent each time, it's the amount of times we eat out!!! Yep, too much!
It will also be neat to re-direct that money somewhere else. My first thought is to Amazima ministries. They feed hungry children hot meals almost daily for mere pennies. The horrid amount of $$ that we spent last month on eating out would do so much there.
If you are interested in reading about Amazima go visit www dot kisses from katie dot blogspot dot com Beware: your heart will be moved and you will feel compassion! That's okay, it's a great thing!

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