Friday, October 16, 2009

Save it for something better

I'm not here to tell anyone how to spend their money, however I'm going to give my opinion and what I would do or would NOT do.

**Don't spend money on something that you can easily do yourself.

Case in point:I know someone who has 3 children. One boards the bus daily around 7:40 am. Why do I know this? He stands on the corner (my house is on that corner). The younger two children (aged 7) go to school (by bus) at 8:30 am. How do I know this? I see the bus come to their house.Their school is 2 short blocks up and 2 blocks over. This would be a 5 minute walk and a 1.5 minute car ride. The girls and I walk by this school on our walks all of the time. They PAY MONEY for the 2 younger children to ride the bus to school. WHY?? I don't know. The mom is a SAHM. She told me she pays so that they can ride the bus to school.

Okay, once you spend your money is totally your business, but WOW I would save that money for something fun =).

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